Akeed is an authorization management system that gives you the power to control permission granting processes easily and efficiently. This method of permission granting control will save your efforts, time and resources.

Akeed has an integrated mechanism for the management of permits and the control of entry and exit operations to meet the security needs of organizations and reduce the rate of error.

Akeed works with the various security devices to manage and track the entry and exit actions and this leads to increase the efficiency of the work.

Why Akeed

Linking with the security authorities
To conduct the required security survey and verification before issuing the permit
Support for various technologies
The possibility of using techniques such as NFC, QR Code, Barcode to facilitate the verification of the permits at the security gates
Security reports
Akeed provides the necessary reports that confirm the sites safety from any security issues
Akeed provides the necessary security alerts to the organizations and beneficiaries of the security permits


Approvals for issuing security permits
Manage gates and locations
Manage Security paths
User power according to his responsibilities
Control permits after issuing them
Restrict access by black and gray lists