Ole5 is a system for tracking and managing huge amounts of internal, incoming and outgoing messages. It facilitates the exchange of information and documents between two or more parties.

The purpose of the system is to manage and track all correspondence’s types, organize the work and reduce paper use. Also, it provides many reports to determine the quality and efficiency of work.

Ole5 makes it easier to search for previous messages, which increases the productivity of employees using the system.

Why Ole5

Multi-tenant accounts in one digital environment using cloud synchronization technologies for more security
Secure system
Trust No One is our methodology, Ole5 has the necessary security features to protect data and documents from leakage
Easy to use
Ole5 improves the productivity of government employees simplifying the access and control of the correspondence
No need for large storage space
Ole5 enables employees to create and control correspondence electronically and reduce paperwork


Massive number of users and correspondence
Save time, reduce cost and save resources
Track correspondence actions smoothly
N-tier Architecture
User-friendly interface
Compatibility with the latest technology and browsers