What are Micro Frontends?

The term Micro Frontends first came up in Thought Works Technology Radar at the end of 2016. It extends the concepts of micro services to the frontend world.

Saleh Alblwi

What is gRPC?

gRPC is a framework to efficiently connect services and build distributed systems.

Yousef Alatari

For sure you have heard the term “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) here or there, very repeatedly. They said it solves many problems, might take the human position in the future.
For what they are speaking about it day and night? for what reason we need it? what is it? How did it start?

Esra'a Bani-Issa
Abdullah Al-Dosari, CEO of T2, explains how the tech company has been helping clients through 2020, and its plans for the future
Abdullah Aldosari

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